We come from a family of photographers, school teachers, engineers, and farmers.  All inspiring us to forge a unique path.  We’re proud of who we are and driven in what we do.
For us, business is passion.  It’s family.  It’s fun!  We value every moment with our clients and promise to bring our positive personalities and integrity to your project every day!  Our work truly comes from the heart. We love it!


Jessie Greer (Jess)

About Jessie Written by Jeff
Ball State Fine Art graduate, Jessie was born a free spirit and loves big ideas.  Jess has a positive, infectious personality.  She takes creativity serious – always drawling and sticky-note writing.  She’s a risk taker and pushes others to try new things, especially her husband (me).   I met Jess for the first time in 2000 at a Target with my aunt.  I was too shy to say anything, but we definitely shared glances.  Fourteen years later, we were married on a beach in the Bahamas.  I feel I’m the best me when I’m with her.
Jess’s photography skills grew in college inside a darkroom and behind a Hasselblad camera.  Jess would sneak into abandoned homes and factories for unique spaces for her fine-art photography.  She’s well versed in Canon and Nikon and not afraid to shoot on her stomach in the weeds or in a street.  Currently, Jess’s day job is in product photography at Shoe Carnival where she leads the eCommerce photo team.

“Fun Facts”
* Jess built a photography darkroom in her parent’s basement.
* Jess has had fine art photography work featured in galleries in Chicago, Columbus and Vermont.
* Jess enjoys bike rides with our dog Olive and giving Olive haircuts (though not at the same time).
* Jess knows how to weld and drive a forklift.
* Growing up, Jess had two, custom-built barbie doll houses standing five feet tall.
* She carries her Polaroid camera EVERYWHERE.
* Jess has her mom’s good looks, her dad’s energy and work ethic and her brother’s dip-making and golfing abilities.
* Her life motto is “always live in the moment”.
* Jess wore a “Dumb & Dumber” orange dress to prom.  Just had to match her date I guess.


Jeff Greer (Geoff)

About Jeff Written by Natalie
I’ve been around this guy since birth.  He’s my brother, my best friend, and ironically enough, my best friend’s husband.  To me, Jessie and Jeff are the perfect business, married couple –  they complement each other’s strength and weaknesses wonderfully.  Since they both love Mexican food, it’s safe to say Jeff is the chip to Jessie’s salsa (maybe queso dip).  He’s a businessman who puts the word “plan” in “planning.”  He’s the most organized, self-motivated person I know.
His passion for shooting and editing originated from his middle and high school years while making music video spoofs and short films.  With a degree in Telecommunications and Technical Theater from Ball State University, he is our guru for ALL THINGS multimedia.  Working with him is a refreshing combination of pushing us to go above and beyond to produce professional, crisp work for our clients with plenty of room for comic relief.

“Fun Facts”
* In 2010, Jeff worked in Tampa, FL for the Tampa Bay Rays. We hated visiting him (joke).
* He travels to see stand-up comics like some people see concerts.  Jeff and Jessie recently met Brian Regan and took a Polaroid with him.
* Jeff has loved baseball ever since he could walk.  He once told my mom he was going to play at the ball field.  My mom assumed he was going out in the backyard like he always did.  About an hour later my dad (returning home from work) just happened to notice a kid walking on the road a few miles from our house.  It was his son, apparently on his way to the actual ball fields across town.
* During the winter, Jeff helps coach high school girls basketball.
* One summer, Jeff and Jessie documented their entire drive down the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego on a GoPro.
* Jessie and Jeff’s living room wall has a giant frame that houses 182 of their “special moment” Polaroids.


Natalie Schmitt (Nat)

About Natalie Written by Jessie
I have known Natalie since I was 12 years old.  About 4 years into our friendship I started dating her brother, Jeff.  Fast-forward another 10 years, and not only has she continued to be my best friend, she’s also my sister-in-law.  Natalie is incredibly driven – doesn’t let anything stand in her way.  She is a perfectionist and has high standards for herself.  Natalie puts the official “N” in Greers N Motion.
On shoots, Natalie always finds a way to put her subjects at ease, allowing them to be themselves for that perfect photo in the moment.  Natalie’s photography skills stem back to her grandfather who was also a photographer.  You could say she was born to do this. Natalie graduated from Ball State University receiving her degrees in Photo Journalism and Magazine.  Natalie worked in magazine in New York and Evansville.  Her true loves in life (aside from her husband Michael) are writing and photography…and dogs.

“Fun Facts”
* As kids, the first time Natalie and I spoke on the phone (landline), we talked for almost 5 hours “long distance” totaling $96.00. Oops.
* Natalie still has a piece of coal stuck in her knee, from a childhood bicycle accident.
* She’s a certified Pure Barre instructor and lover of endorphins….and her dogs Lola & Lenny.
* October is Natalie’s favorite month because of ghost shows and her wedding anniversary!
* This girl can’t ever seem to find the right size lid: drink lids, lids for pots and pans, two-liters…we laugh every time.
* Natalie has a funny way with words, so much in fact she’s created a bit of her own language (which stems from her mother’s lingo) If you hear her say, “That’s SOOT!”  Just know she means “that’s cute!”  She calls me Zess, and Jeff is Bob (started as brother- shorten to bub – currently Bob). You hang around long enough and she’ll give you a nickname!
* Natalie loves to travel (NYC in particular). She has to go at least once a year.